Five including Vikas Tiwari get life imprisonment for murder of gangster Sushil Srivastav

Hazaribagh: A local court in this district awarded life imprisonment to five convicts including Vikas Tiwari for the murder of dreaded gangster Sushil Srivastav.

The court of Hazaribagh ADJ awarded the life imprisonment to Vikas Tiwari, Dilip Sahu, Vishal Kumar, Rahul Deo Pandey and Santosh Deo Pandey.

Among these Vikas Tiwari is currently in Palamu jail while  Santosh and Rahul are in Hazaribagh jail. Dilip and Vishal were out on bail but after the court order they have been taken back into remand.

Sushil Srivastav was gunned down in broad daylight in the month of June 2015 while he was being brought for a hearing. It was the first instance where AK 47 was used to execute the killing amid the gangs active in the coal belt of the state. Hazaribagh police had arrested the main accused Vikas Tiwari from Delhi in August 2015.

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