First hospital for animals started in the state, 24*7 facility to be available – Agriculture Minister Badal Patralekh 

Ranchi:  On the instructions of the Chief Minister, initiative is being taken for the establishment of Veterinary University, we have also made budget provision, the above things were said by the State Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperation Minister Badal Patralekh about Adarsh Hospital and Video Call Based Telemedicine at Pashupalan Bhawan, Hesag.

Badal said that everything is changing in the government, from system to response. We have done the work of beautifying the department. A dire need for such a veterinary hospital was felt in the state and it has been inaugurated today.

Addressing the veterinarians, animal farmers and animal lovers from all over the state, he said that after the tour of Kerala, we realized that we are far behind in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry. The question is also that till when we will reach Kerala. We will also have to work towards realizing the vision of prosperous farmers and prosperous cattle rearers in our state.

He said that we have talent here, there are veterinarians who are doing better work with minimum resources, who are setting an example, and this is a big thing for us. Efforts are being made to rejuvenate hospitals in all the blocks and 23 districts of the state, for this the budget is being multiplied. Doctors can provide mental counseling to animal farmers regarding the diseases of their animals, this will reduce their problems by half.

He said that due to climate change, weather patterns are changing, hence animal husbandry sector can become an alternative business to agriculture. Before Dussehra, we sent a bonus amount of Rs 3 per kg to the milk producers’ accounts. The result was that people’s trust in the government got stronger. Soon we are going to start 236 animal ambulances. First 23 and 66 new veterinarians have been appointed and the process of filling other vacancies is also being done.

Secretary of Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Cooperation Department Abu Bakar Siddiq said that in today’s era, there is a need to stay updated with technology. Major treatments are being done through Artificial Intelligence.

Video call based telemedicine will be successful only if you respond immediately to the caller. It would be more appropriate to use WhatsApp messages instead of prescribing the medicine for a related disease over a WhatsApp call. And after giving any medicine, definitely take its feedback. If you do not respond to the call then this plan will fail. Therefore, keep upgrading yourself continuously because in today’s era every person is upgrading.

Addressing the program, Director of Animal Husbandry Department Aditya Ranjan said that the first 24*7 hospital has been started in the state for the treatment of animals in which doctors and pathologists will be available 24 hours a day.

The department has set a target of rejuvenation of 100-100 hospitals in the state phase wise. Our effort is to develop infrastructure and provide equipment in all veterinary hospitals. Complete arrangements for surgery and pathology have been made in Hesag’s Adarsh Hospital. 

Regarding the two-day training camp, he said that for the first time in the state, a two-day training workshop for doctors is being organized in which training will be given by experts from other states. Earlier there used to be only one day training and the experts used to be from the state only.

He informed that two veterinary doctors will be available 24 hours in the telemedicine centre. Many doctors and animal friends also shared their experiences related to training in the program. Also, five such veterinarians were honored with citations for their better work with minimum resources.

On this occasion, Chairman of Cow Seva Commission Rajeev Ranjan, Vice Chairman Rajeev Giri, Director of Agriculture Sanjay Sinha and many officials including veterinarians, animal friends and animal rearers were present.

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