Fibre re-imagined as art in this exhibition

New Delhi (IANS) Exploring fibre or fabric as a medium of art in their own distinguished style and technique, eight senior contemporary artists of India are presenting a group exhibition titled ‘Fibre of our Lives’ till April 5.

Curated by Pranamita Borgohain for New Delhi-based Gallery Art Positive, ‘Fibre of our Lives’ brings in a range of artists who have worked with textile as a medium to explore its various connotations and facades. It brings in different perspectives of usage of fabric or thread to demonstrate the vitality of the medium as a metaphor of our lives.

Customarily, a cloth changes many different hands from the journey from maker to wearer, highlighting a certain human connect. This association with the skin and sense of touch is a metaphor hidden in the many works of art on display in the show.

Although, popular textile-based metaphors such as ‘time is a thread’ reflect life’s larger association with the concept of textiles. The process of weaving also helps one understand the working of the universe and how we are woven into it.

Artists featuring in the show are Ankon Mitra, Gopika Nath, Jagannath Panda, Paula Sengupta, Pranati Panda, Puneet Kaushik, Rahul Jain and Gunjan Arora and Subodh Kerkar.

The exhibition offers an insight into the versatility of contemporary art practice inspired by textiles, weaving and embroidery techniques, or interpreting the aesthetic of fabric and its possibilities as a medium of art. Through this exhibition, the Gallery hopes to open avenues of expression and acknowledge artists as they continue to share newer versions of aesthetics.

One of the art works on view uses material like cotton thread, crochet and stitching, and nylon fishing net.

Show curator Pranamita Borgohain shared, “Mrs Bajaj from Gallery Art Positive shared her interest to showcase an exhibition of contemporary art inspired by the textile, I developed the concept understanding the vitality of the material, its purpose in our life and its various metaphors relating to our life and society. Finally, we got in some of the best contemporary artists along with a designer and an architect artist working with fibre or fabric as their medium of creation. The exhibition brings in a wide range of art works from small format wall work to large installation where the artists have used threads, wool, beads and fabric using techniques like knitting, embroidery, stitching, crochet, pasting and many other ways.”

Anu Bajaj, Gallery Director said about the show, “I am really happy and excited to showcase this exhibition in my gallery for which the idea was in my mind since long. Due to Covid-19 last year we halted the idea but now we are starting this new year with this special show bringing in some of the best contemporary artists of India who have experimented with thread and textile to create some amazing art works. Through this exhibition, we hope to open avenues of expression and acknowledge artists as they continue to share newer version of aesthetics.”

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