Eva Mendes thought her face looked ‘weird’

Los Angeles (IANS) Actress Eva Mendes has talked about her past insecurities saying although she used to be convinced her features were “odd”, she wishes nowadays that she still looks the way she used to.

Mendes shared a photograph from the film “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” and wrote on Instagram: “Just came across this picture from a movie that was almost 20 years ago.”

“I remember seeing this photo back then and thinking my face looked ‘weird’ and that my bone structure was odd… yadda yadda… you know all those insecurities that a 26-year-old can have. Meanwhile 20 years later and now I wish I still had that ‘weird’ face and odd ‘bone structure’.”

Mendes shared she wasn’t sure why she’d decided to post the photograph but felt there was a lesson to be learned somewhere, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She added: “Why’s my point ? Im not sure. Maybe it’s if you hate a photo of yourself wait 20 years then you’ll love it. ‘Youth is wasted on the young’ — Oscar Wilde.”

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