Equitable development of agriculture and farmers is the priority of the government: Hemant

Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren said that since the formation of the government in the state, making the farmers prosperous has been the priority of the government. The soil of Jharkhand has such power that it can grow all kinds of crops and the state has immense potential in the field of agriculture he said adding that in Jharkhand there is more capacity above the ground than what is inside the ground.

The Chief Minister said that after the formation of the state, the work which should have been done in the field of agriculture could not be done due to which today farmers are not trusting the government but trusting God. If farmers have to rely only on God, then what is the point of having agriculture department he questioned. He further said that due to the indifferent attitude of the previous governments, today the state agriculture sector has been left far behind however government is committed to the welfare of farmers. He said that his government is working to take the state forward by strengthening the internal capacity of resources, not only agriculture but in all departments work is being done at a fast pace in the recruitment process and the appointments are being done in a transparent and fair manner.

Chief Minister Hemant Soren said the above things while addressing the appointment letter distribution function of the officers recommended by the Jharkhand Public Service Commission organized in the auditorium at Mantralaya. On this occasion he handed over appointment letters to all the newly appointed Agriculture Service officials. The Chief Minister congratulated all the newly appointed office bearers and extended best wishes for a bright future.

Expressing confidence, the Chief Minister said that all the newly appointed officers will discharge their responsibilities with integrity and honesty. He said that he was sure that the officers will remain dedicated for the prosperity and progress of the farmers here. The Chief Minister said that despite the constraints of the global pandemic COVID-19, the State Government has worked to prepare a long list of appointments. The rules have been corrected by removing all the obstacles and work is being done to fill up the vacancies in all the departments in a phased manner he said adding that the farmers here are technically behind and there is a need to move forward by restructuring the whole system afresh. He said that the scope of agriculture department is huge and is one of  the most important departments. The Chief Minister said that all of newly appointed officers are important link between farmer brothers and the government.

The Chief Minister said that at the time of Corona global pandemic, when all the establishments, institutions, means of employment were closed, at that time agriculture was the only sector which saved human life. The Chief Minister said that be it MNREGA, horticulture or other sources of agriculture, people got employment in this area.

The Chief Minister said that there has been a time in this country when farmers have committed suicide. Many technologically developed states have the highest number of  farmer suicides. He said that no matter how materialistic a human may become, there is no other alternative to agriculture as man cannot eat gold, silver, diamond, pearl, nor money. In human life, bread for two times to eat, house to hide head and cloth to cover body, these things are absolutely necessary.

For the progress of both agriculture and farmers there is a need to strengthen the systems and move forward with strength. Hemant Soren said that Jharkhand has been known only in the name of mineral wealth in the country. The Chief Minister said that it is the effort of the present government that Jharkhand should be developed not only as a mineral wealth but also as an agricultural wealth. The Chief Minister told the newly appointed officers of the agriculture service sector that in the field of agriculture, the state should be recognized, so that tbeg should work with dedication.

The Chief Minister said that his background is also from agriculture and he has seen the problems of farmers very closely. The efforts of officials and government can give a new dimension to the farmers here as nature has bestowed possibilities, potential and power of innovation in the soil of Jharkhand.

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