Engineer cum Astrologer Yogendra Singh at age 64 received Gold Medal in Astrology in Convocation

Ranchi: A retired Engineer from Muzaffarpur Bihar Yogendra Singh at age 64 years who resides near Piska More Ranchi completed his master’s degree in Astrology with Gold Medal. He said, “I have always interest in Astrology since Childhood Days”. I make only kundali. Luck and Work are two different things.

Work is related with Karma such as Kriyaman, Poorva Janm and Sankit. Sankit means no guarantee. Whereas Luck is related to winning achievements. Today 99 % of Astrologers are fake and fraudulent, they misguide the public. They suggest wearing Gems. Whereas I Suggest do Karma.

Karma means not to earn intellectuality, to get top most service and to earn a Property but it is related with God, Meditation and Spritual Pleasure. Today, there is a need of self realisation. In my village a girl crossed the age of 32 years and still she is unmarried. We can’t differentiate Kundali with People living in urban area and living in rural area. Earlier there was child marriage, at the age of 16- 17 years age group all girls get married. But the situation changed in today’s world. We can indicate and predict the wedding and marriage ceremonies.

Late marriage is the reason behind socio economic system and behind there caste. If you wanted to be a successful in life belive in God. Lord Krishna in his invoked to Arjuna in Mahabharata to kill his brothers Kaurav’s including Duryodhana. Few people are atheist, they don’t believe in God that’s why they failed in life. Always take blessings from Spritual Leader. At night around 12 AM to 3 AM Evil and bad power are influential in the universe, at that time always remember God and think positive.

Don’t move Cremation Ghats and Graveyards during Night, it is the place for bad and evil Power. In today’s society tolerance does not existed. Rising cases of Divorce due to domestic violence is the reason behind it. Poor Life Style and unhealthy Fooding Habit cause so many diseases. People don’t have time table and forget to care their parents. A spritual leader is needed to get right direction in today’s era namely ‘Kaliyug’. People have generational gap and have characterless living standard.

Character develops through father to son, mother to daughter. No one can stop death. Believe in God and Prayer is the only solution to all these problems. Yogendra Singh said, “Karama Kiye Jao, Fal ki Chinta mat Karo”. Do your work honestly and don’t bother for the result. Spritual Power and Believe in God is the solution to protect youself from Aakal Mrityu. More than 70 prizes were awarded for outstanding performance.

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