Emergency landing of Delhi-Ranchi Indigo flight, Engine failure after half an hour of take-off

Ranchi:  The engine of the Indigo flight coming from Delhi to Ranchi developed a fault when it was about to take off for Ranchi.

When the pilot came to know about this, the flight was safely landed at Delhi airport.

After this the flight was grounded at Delhi airport.

The flight number of this Delhi to Ranchi flight is 6E 2172.

According to the Indigo flight schedule, this aircraft takes off from Delhi around 8 am and reaches Ranchi around 9.30 am.

There were 180 passengers in this aircraft.

All passengers are safe.

After this flight was grounded, another aircraft was arranged to bring the passengers.

According to the information received from the airport management, passengers from Delhi airport were brought to Ranchi by another flight at 12.35.

Passengers were in fear for some time after a technical fault occurred in the engine of the aircraft as soon as it took off.

But due to the understanding and experience of the pilot, the aircraft was safely landed back at Delhi airport.

The situation returned to normal after landing.

According to the information, all the passengers of the aircraft are safe.

This is not the first case of emergency landing of Indigo flight.

On Friday too, an emergency landing was made for a flight coming from Patna to Delhi.

In this plane, only three minutes after take-off, there was an engine problem and it landed immediately.

The emergency landing of the flight in Delhi and Patna is being investigated.

Efforts are being made to find out as to why the flight is facing such a technical problem shortly after take-off.

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