Embrace body insecurities with these 3 tips

New Delhi (IANSlife) Have you ever felt misjudged and always seeking outside validation because of the way you look physically? Perhaps it is your stretch marks that bother you or perhaps your big thighs, maybe your breasts are small or your tummy is not the perfect shape. There are days when you will feel good about who you are but the bad days often back you into a corner. There are days when you feel like no part of your body is beautiful or worthy enough to receive absolute adoration.

Having body insecurities exist in all of us and at some point in our lives, we all go through that very insecure place with ourselves and what we look like. These insecurities may stem from our culture, societal expectations and perhaps even our childhood upbringing and how we were conditioned to look at ourselves. Often this perception of ourselves is created by those who are closest to us such as our friends and colleagues.

As we grow older, these insecurities spark further criticism by how society defines the narrative of beauty especially for us as women. We are told to look and act a certain way to appease the world and especially to be perceived as more attractive to the opposite gender.

Often our weight is a huge topic of discussion, we are told to eat less or in some cases to eat more. People often feel like it is appropriate to tell us what to wear and what is most appropriate, so that we may feel validated and accepted.

There are many ways we can overcome our body insecurities. Here are 3 powerful tips to amplify the beauty that you’ve always had and be more confident by embracing your body:

Be Vulnerable

Remember that your emotions are neither right nor wrong, they simply exist. You are allowed to feel your emotions, to cry or feel sad. Know that your authentic self matters. In order to figure out who you are at your core and at your most authentic, you have to take the time to learn and know yourself. When you learn to know and accept yourself, being vulnerable will be something that you don’t ever have to feel ashamed of or be apologetic about. Allow your vulnerability to empower you. It is not a weakness but a strength that we should all have in order to embrace our true identities and the beauty our inner selves highlights.

Self Reflection

Oftentimes we are our own biggest critics. Sometimes we can’t help but put ourselves down. This stems from the insecurities that we carry within us. Spend time in self-study and realise your true potential and let go of negative influences that affect how you view yourself. Believe in the restoration of self-love and acceptance in your life and realise the magnitude that your identity carries which is more than just your physical appearance. Remember that the journey to more self-love is love itself.

Be Zen From Within

It’s easy to have a negative opinion about ourselves, especially when we are not mindful of our lives. We are consumed by the fast-paced world around us and often our minds are caught up in our insecurities. Being mindful means being present in the moment; body, mind and soul. Let go of the old programming that holds you back, say ‘yes’ to mindfulness that instils power, peace, compassion, forgiveness and love within us. We will begin to illuminate true beauty that goes beyond the expectations that society places on us. When we share our authentic selves, we allow others to follow suit and find courage in their own vulnerabilities.

Remember no part of you is your enemy. Once we know both our sides, good and bad, we have to practice radical self-acceptance. Only then can our true power shine from within ourselves. We are beautiful in our flaws and imperfections because it uniquely defines who we are and we should be proud of that!

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