Elephants created havoc in two villages, destroyed crops grown in several acres

Garhwa: In two villages of Ranka forest division area, paddy and corn crops grown in several acres have been trampled and destroyed by elephants. In Serasham and Sinjo villages, the herd of elephants came to Serasham in Ranka around seven o’clock and started eating the paddy and corn crops grown in the fields.

Seeing this, Tamizuddin Ansari, Mumtaz Ansari and 8-10 people of their family burnt Lukwari and drove away the elephants. But late at night a herd of 9 elephants came back and ate the corn and paddy crops and destroyed them by trampling them. The villagers tried to drive away the elephants by burning Lukwari, but the elephants started roaring. People ran away in fear.

After Sersham, the herd of elephants went to Shinjo village. There too, the crops grown in the fields of many farmers were trampled and destroyed. In the morning the villagers informed the forest department about this. Forest Department Forester Vijay Kumar Singh took stock of the damaged crops of the farmers.

Chief representative Pappu Kumar Yadav assured the people of getting compensation. The affected farmers say that due to bad weather, they had to purchase seeds at expensive prices and do some farming. The crop was almost ready. The elephants spoiled all the hard work. If compensation is not received we will all be ruined. We have no other means to raise our children. Farmers Tamizuddin Ansari and Mumtaz Ansari say that they did farming by taking money on loan. Now it will become very difficult to repay the loan.

People from the group come every week and collect the money, in such a situation how they will give their money is worth thinking about. In this regard, Forest Range Officer Gopal Chandra said that the place of migration of elephants is forest. Man has snatched away their habitat.

Trees and plants have been cut and fields have been created. Where should the elephant go in such a situation? While searching for their place, they are wandering here and there in the forest in search of food.

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