Education department to organize SGFI competition in Jharkhand

Ranchi: There was a continuous tussle between the Jharkhand Sports Department and the Education Department regarding the organization of National School Games under the School Games Federation of India (SGFI).

While talking to Shubham Sandesh, State Program Officer of the Education Department, Dhirsen A Soreng made the department’s point clear regarding conducting the SGFI competition. He said that the Education Department itself will organize the SGFI competition. Jharkhand has got hosting of 6 sports. For which the department is fully prepared. He said that we are working on the development of children. With all the facilities, children are being sent to play in other states.

The department is taking full care that they do not face any difficulty. Now players have also been sent to play by flight, which is a big thing. He said that the department has more than 1800 physical teachers. The government’s decision on the rules under which an attempt is being made to make the sports department responsible for the promotion of sports will be acceptable to the department. At present, the Education Department has made complete preparations for SGFI and will also conduct the competition.

Jharkhand has got the hosting of the 67th National School Games in Football, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Wushu, Skating and Cycling. The estimated date of its event was from 19 December to 12 February 2024. State Program Officer said that the date of the event will be announced soon.

On November 14, Sports Secretary Manoj Kumar wrote a letter to Education Secretary K Ravi Kumar informing him about the orders of the Chief Minister regarding the organization of SGFI competition, Subroto Cup Football, Nehru Cup Hockey and Khelo Jharkhand.

The Chief Minister had approved and made the Sports Department responsible for the promotion of sports under the Jharkhand Executive Rules. In the letter issued, the Sports Secretary, while stating the approval of the Chief Minister, had said that all the sports events will be organized by the Sports Department as before. However, no official response has come from the Education Department on this.

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