East Singhbhum ranks first among districts for Covid vaccination

Ranchi: In Jharkhand, both the waves of corona had caused huge damage to life and at the peak of both the waves a large number of people ended up losing their loved ones.

Vaccination has been considered the best weapon to protect against corona. The department is continuously working for the vaccination of people above the age of 18 years in the state. Covid vaccination was started in the state on 16 January 2021 by Chief Minister Hemant Soren from Sadar Hospital.

The result of the vaccination drive is most visible in East Singhbhum as this district is top in the state in vaccination. Here 16,77,341 people are eligible for vaccination. Of these, 14,67,351 (87 percent) people have been given the first dose, while 8,82,388 (53 percent) people have been given the second dose.

At the same time, Gumla’s record in the case of the first dose of vaccination is poor across the state. Here the vaccine able population is 7,49,648. Of these, 4,52,785 (60 percent) people have been given the first dose. However,
in the case of the second dose, Chatra has the worst record as here 2,06,099 (27 percent) people have been given the second dose of the vaccine.

Overall the vaccine able population in Jharkhand is 2,41,21,312. Of these, 1,71,10,460 (71 percent) people have been given the first dose. While the number of people taking the second dose is 87,99,281 (36 percent). For vaccination, 2117 Covid Vaccination Centers have been set up across the state. Of these, there are 2090 government and 27 private vaccination centers.

In the case of first dose, these 5 districts are ahead East Singhbhum (87 percent7 Ramgarh (78 percent), Pakur (76 percent), Ranchi (76 percent) and Dumka (75 percent) In the case of the second dose, these 5 districts are ahead East Singhbhum (53 percent), Khunti (42 percent), Simdega (42 percent), Ranchi (41 percent) and Dumka (40 percent).

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