Don’t underestimate symptoms, says Vedhika as she goes down with Covid-19

Chennai (IANS) Actress Vedhika, who has acted in several critically acclaimed films in Tamil and Telugu, on Monday said that she was down with Covid-19.

Taking to Instagram, Vedhika said, “Hi everyone! Unfortunately I am down with Covid for the first time.

“Not all people face mild symptoms. I have had high fever which has been coming and going for a couple of days now.

“Please don’t underestimate the symptoms. Not worth being sick with terrible body aches and high fever (over 103F).

“Also, please don’t believe that if you have contracted it once then you will not get reinfected again. I know people who have got reinfected from within a month to a couple of months. So, please don’t delude yourself.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry. Mask up even if you are meeting one person or a 100 people for you and your loved ones’ sake. I’m better today. I’ll be fine soon. Much love. Stay safe.”

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