Domestic consumers got electric shock, tariff increased by 25 paise per unit

Ranchi: Domestic electricity consumers of Jharkhand have suffered a major shock.

JBVNL (Jharkhand Electricity Distribution Corporation Limited) has released the new electricity tariff for the financial year 2023-24.

JBVNL has increased the electricity tariff by 25 paise per unit.

Now urban domestic consumers will have to pay electricity tariff of Rs 6.55 per unit instead of Rs 6.30.

The industrial rate has also increased by 15 paise per unit.

Overall electricity tariff has been increased by 7.66 percent.

Apart from this, rural consumers will also have to pay 50 paise more per unit.

It is known that the previous Hemant government was giving a free electricity scheme to the electricity consumers who consumed up to 100 units.

But the present Champai Soren government announced to provide free electricity up to 125 units in the cabinet meeting.

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