District administration conducts special vehicle checking drive

Ranchi: A special vehicle checking campaign was conducted by District Transport Officer Praveen Prakash in Rampur of Ring Road area. During this tax defaulters, overloaded vehicles permit pollution papers driving without license and helmet and other vehicle-related documents were checked by the District Transport Officer.

A special campaign was launched against those driving two-wheelers without helmets in Rampur Ring Road. During this, those driving two-wheelers without helmets were fined and they were made aware of road safety. 

During the vehicle checking campaign in Rampur Ring Road, District Transport Officer Praveen Kumar Prakash fined the students riding triple load without helmets and also spoke to their families. These three students had come out of town to celebrate the birthday of one of their friends.

DTO also imposed a fine on these students and after talking to the family members of the three students in turn, informed them as well. The DTO told the relatives that their children were riding triple load without helmets. Describing the importance of road safety to the three students, the District Transport Officer further gave strict instructions to wear helmets and follow traffic rules. He said that on January 02 and January 21, a SI and students had died in a road accident due to riding a bike without a helmet.

In view of this, a special investigation campaign is being conducted against those driving two-wheelers without helmets. Praveen Prakash said that in the year 2022, the maximum number of road accidents and deaths occurred due to two-wheelers, he said that while driving two wheelers must wear helmets as well as follow road safety rules. 

At Rampur Ring Road, the documents of all the vehicles were checked turn by turn by the office personnel. A fine of Rs 2 lakh 34 thousand 210 was collected from a total of 36 vehicles (goods vehicles, highway etc.).

District Transport Officer, Ranchi said that the investigation campaign will continue even further. He has requested all vehicle owners/drivers to drive carefully and keep all vehicle-related documents up to date and operate transport vehicles according to their loading capacity.

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