Dhoni’s friend defrauded him of Rs 15 crore, hearing on the case registered in Ranchi Civil Court

Ranchi: Mahendra Singh Dhoni has filed a case against his friend for loss of Rs 15 crore. A hearing regarding this was held in the court of JM 24 (Judicial Magistrate) Rajkumar Pandey on Friday. A case has been registered under section 406,420,467,468,469,470,471. Now the next hearing on this matter will be on January 20.

Dhoni has filed a criminal case in Ranchi court against Mihir Diwakar and Soumya Biswas of Arka Sports and Management Limited. Mihir Diwakar has been a close friend of Dhoni. He has also been his business partner.

Mihir has shared many photos with Dhoni on social media. Mihir Diwakar had reportedly signed an agreement with Mahendra Singh Dhoni in 2017 to open cricket academies across the world, but Diwakar did not follow the conditions mentioned in the agreement.

In this case, Arka Sports had to pay the franchise fee. Under the agreement, profit was to be shared. But all the terms and conditions of the agreement were not followed. Dhoni withdrew the authorization letter from Arka Sports on August 15, 2021. Many legal notices were sent to him on behalf of Dhoni, but to no avail.

After this, Dhoni’s lawyer Dayanand Singh has claimed that Arka Sports has cheated him. Due to which they have suffered a loss of more than Rs 15 crore.

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