DGP issued a guideline of 15 important points regarding the final report of any case

Ranchi:  Jharkhand DGP Ajay Kumar Singh has issued a guideline of 15 important points regarding the final report of any incident.Instructions have been issued by DGP Ajay Kumar Singh.

In which it is said that in compliance with the order passed by the Supreme Court on March 12, 2024 in W. Kujur vs. Jharkhand and others, after the completion of the investigation of any case, the IO of the police station is instructed to mention 15 important points under Section 173.

DGP issued a guideline of 15 important points:

  • Name of the parties.
  • Nature of information.
  • Name of persons who appear to be familiar with the circumstances of the case.
  • Why a crime appears to have been committed and if it appears to have been committed, then by whom.
  • Has the accused been arrested?
  • Is the accused released on his own bail?
  • If so, whether with or without sureties.
  • Whether the accused has been remanded to custody under section 170.
  • Where sections 376, 376A, 376B, 376C, 376D, 376DA, 376DB, or in relation to an offense under section 376E, whether the medical report of the woman has been given.

On completion of the investigation, if there is no sufficient  evidence or reasonable grounds for suspicion against the accused, such that it is right to send the accused to the Magistrate. If not, then the station in-charge should clearly comply with Section 169 in his report.

In the event of investigation of the case, if the IO of the police station finds additional oral or documentary evidence, he will send an additional report regarding such evidence to the Magistrate. While filing the charge sheet, the provisions given in Police Hand Rules 174 (B) and 175 should be followed. Will ensure compliance.

Whether the necessary evidence and facts to be sent in the final report of SP and SSP of all the districts have been included or not. In this context, we will provide a checklist for all the officials. All SPs, SSPs, ATS SPs are directed to follow all the instructions. And will review it monthly. 

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