Deoghar Shravani Mela begins, Jalabhishek through Argha

Ranchi: Holy Month of Sharavan started from Tuesday. The enthusiasm of the devotees are visible in Deoghar Baba city. On the first day of Sawan, a huge crowd has been witnessed in the Baba Baidyanath temple. A crowd of kanwariyas has started appearing in Baba’s city.

Minister Badal Patralekh was present on the occasion of the inauguration of the Mela, he said, Deoghar is ready to welcome the coming Kanwariyas with their grand appearance.

This year, the velvet soil of Ganga has been laid in the Kanwariya path. Deputy Commissioner Manjunath Bhajantri informed that after 19 years, such a Shravani Mela has come, in which there are 8 Mondays.

Agriculture Minister Badal worshiped Baba Vaidyanath by 11 Vedic-priests at Garva Griha on the Jharkhand- Bihar border and inaugurated the Mela.

Devotees will perform Jalabhishek of Baba Baidyanath through Argha from July 4 to August 31. Sparsh Puja is now stopped. Sparsh Puja will resume after the removal of Argha on 31st August.

After 19 years, due to Malmas, this time Shravani Mela is of two months. There is also a wonderful coincidence of eight Mondays.

Mal-mas Mela will start in the middle of Shravani Mela. The first paksha of Sawan month will be from 4th July to 16th July and the second paksha will be from 17th August to 31st August. The number of devotees coming from Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh is more in Mal-mas fair. 

The Kanwariyas of UP bring water from the Sangam Ghat and offer it to Baba. Therefore, this time the devotees are expected to turn up twice as compared to last year.

In view of the crowd of Kanwariyas, Panda Dharmarakshini Sabha has demanded not to offer Argha in Mal-mas Mela. However, a decision has not been taken on this yet. Speedy Darshanam system changed, feeding room
made keeping in mind the privacy of women, Speedy Darshanam pass will be available for Rs.500 instead of Rs.250 at Shravani Mela. 

The system will be closed on Sunday and Monday. Now the hassle of repeated filling up of forms by the priests for the Shandya darshanam Coupons has been done away with. Argha will be installed near the exit door of the temple for elderly and differently abled devotees.

In which they will be able to see themselves being dedicated to Baba in the screen. If the Kanwariyas standing in the queue have health related problems, arrangements have been made for them. Digital ECG machine will be available at Nehru Park, Q Complex and Baba Mandir Trauma Center. 

The ECG report will come in the mobile of the doctor on duty, after which treatment will be arranged on the advice of the doctor. Mist cooling system will be arranged from Nehru Park to Sanskar Mandap of the temple to protect the Kanwariyas standing in the queue from the humid heat. Which will cool down the entire atmosphere. 

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