DC chairs District Task Force meeting for successful operation of MDA (filaria eradication) program 2023

Ranchi: A meeting of the District Task Force was organized for the successful operation of the MDA (filaria eradication) program 2023. It was informed in the meeting through PPT that in the year 2023, a total of 30964 fever victims were examined till the month of February. In which 15 patients were found positive.

Among the positive patients, one PF was found to be suffering from malaria. All have been treated and intensive monitoring is being done in the area. MDA (filaria eradication) program was conducted from 10-25 February 2023 in two community health centers of Ranchi district, Bedo and Budhmu. In which a total of 307725 persons consumed DEC and Albendazole.

Of these, 55 people were adversely affected. A total of 93.6 percent of the population was administered medicine. Various departments got cooperation in this and medicines were administered in all the schools. So far, a total of 2774 elephantiasis and 157  hydrocele patients were found in the district.

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