Daily market fire, more than 100 shops gutted

Ranchi: Amidst the sky high flames and screams, the dreams of more than a hundred shopkeepers were reduced to ashes. A massive fire broke out in the daily market on Tuesday night. As soon as people came running to extinguish the fire, within five minutes all the shops were burnt to ashes. People kept trying unsuccessfully to extinguish the fire by carrying buckets in their hands and pulling pipes from the side, but the result was nothing. Fire brigade vehicles were called and only then the fire was brought under control.

On Wednesday, the work of removing debris was started from 8:00 am using a JCB of Ranchi Municipal Corporation. 30 tractor debris were removed. The shopkeepers kept looking at their remaining goods, with tears in their eyes and kept cleaning their shops. Were busy collecting the remaining items. The case is being investigated under the leadership of Police Station DSP Prakash Soy. On Wednesday, FSL team also reached the spot and collected samples from the spot.

Mangani Devi, who has lost all her life’s savings, flinches when she sees the six rupees tied to her anklet. She says that as soon as she went to sleep after having food and medicine at night, people started screaming. The flames of fire were touching the sky. Came out of the house to save her life. But could not take out her box. In which three and a half lakh rupees were kept. 

One lakh rupees were kept in this to be given to the moneylender. Everything was burnt to ashes. Let us tell you that Mangni lives here with her husband Abdul Jabbar and earns her living by selling ginger and garlic in the daily market for the last 40 years. 

Rakib, a disabled resident of Rain Mohalla, has been looking at his burnt shop since morning. It is said that garlic, capsicum, tomatoes, green chillies and potatoes and onions were all burnt to ashes. All the vegetables were expensive and the goods were ordered only yesterday. Goods worth one lakh rupees were burnt to ashes. There was a scale worth seven thousand rupees in it. The family depends on this shop. 7 people of the family do business together.

Shri Ram Sadhu Saav and Geeta Devi told that goods worth Rs 2 lakh including 8 quintals of ginger were burnt to ashes. The daughter’s marriage is scheduled for two months. I am not able to understand how to repay the moneylender’s loan. While talking, tears were flowing from Sadhu Saav’s eyes.

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