Crack the red lipstick conundrum this bridal season

New Delhi (IANSlife) Red Lipstick, the crown jewel of the lipsticks is a woman’s favourite. When it comes to bridal looks, brides prefer red over other colours. But it’s difficult to make a decision when you’re faced with a plethora of red hues! No, they don’t all look the same, and red lipstick isn’t appropriate for every lehenga colour!

To be honest, the trick is to match your skin’s undertone to the undertone of the lipstick. It is simple to determine the skin’s undertone. Every red shade is unique, just like every skin tone! Chandni Goyal, Training Manager, Anastasia Beverly Hills India shares a guide to help you crack the red lipstick skin tone conundrum this bridal season

Fair complexions – Brides with fair complexions usually have cool undertones, hence choosing a red that has a blue undertone or a pink undertone should be their go-to. Think of raspberry tones that perfectly compliment this skin tone and will enhance the bride’s smile. Crimson works well for this complexion.

Light to Wheatish Complexions – This is the most common Indian skin tone with warm/yellow undertone. Using an orange-based red will be the best bet for wheatish skin tone and brighten up the complexion. Tangerine reds work well.

Medium Complexions – Brick reds with an orange/rust undertone work well for this skin tone during the summer season when this skin tone is prone to tanning more often, whereas cool-tone reds work very well for medium complexions as well during the winter season. Coral and blood-red work well.

Dusky Complexions – Rust reds are the perfect reds for this complexion and compliment the deeper complexions. Maroon works well for this complexion.

Dark Complexions – Deep reds with plum tones is best suited for deeper complexions that enhance the rich complexion. Burgundy tones work well for this complexion.

Pro Tip – regardless of your skin tone, if you are someone who has thin lips or is conscious of yellow teeth, choose a neutral tone of red that has a balance of blue and red undertones to compliment any skin tone. Berry tones work well for neutral reds that work well for all.

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