Copper cables worth crores missing from HEC’s FFP plant

Ranchi: Copper cables worth crores have gone missing from the Foundry Forge Plant (FFP) of Heavy Engineering Corporation Limited (HEC).

The copper cables of the overhead crane of shop number 05 of FFP have been opened. Copper cables were attached to the trolley of the overhead crane.

There are four overhead cranes in the shop.

HEC management is unaware of the incident of copper cable theft.

That is why no complaint regarding theft or disappearance of copper cable has been made in the nearest police station.

Top officials of FFP are busy suppressing this incident.

Whereas the value of the missing copper cable is said to be in crores.

When HEC Company Secretary Abhay Kanth was talked to in this regard, he said that he has no information regarding the theft.

Work in HEC plants has come to a standstill for almost two years.

Production in the plants is equal to zero.

Officers and employees leave the plant daily after registering their attendance.

There is silence in the plants due to a halt in production.

Thieves are taking advantage of this.

This is not the first incident of equipment theft from the plant.

Every day information about theft in plants comes to light, but instead of taking action, the top management tries to suppress the matter.

If the matter is not suppressed, then the officers file an FIR and put the entire matter on hold. Information about any theft is not given by the HEC management to the Ministry of Heavy Industries.

Whereas every major company suffers crores of losses due to theft.

The theft incident is carried out in a planned manner in the HEC factory.

Theft happens with the connivance of CISF, HEC officers and personnel.

The Central Intelligence Agency has given such information in its report.

The agency had prepared a detailed report on the increasing incidents of theft in HEC.

The report was also sent to the Central Government.

In which it was told that theft of iron, copper and other items is happening continuously from HEC plants.

Most thefts are taking place in FFP plants.

A big gang is involved in the theft.

This includes CISF personnel, HEC employees, officers and contract workers.

The stolen goods are being disposed of in the scrapyards of the city including Hatia, Tupudana.

Every month lakhs of rupees are being stolen and HEC is incurring losses due to this.

The security of all three plants and headquarters of HEC is the responsibility of CISF.

Even after this, lakhs of rupees are being stolen from the plants every month.

Even after receiving complaints of small incidents of theft, they are not taken seriously.

Apart from one or two incidents, no one was ever caught stealing.

Nor has any report regarding the theft been sent to the Centre.

Even after theft, seriousness is not shown.

The formalities are completed by registering an FIR in the concerned police station.

There are no regular meetings regarding the safety of the plants.

Top officials of HEC management do not give information about theft to the Ministry of Heavy Industries.

Most of the incidents of theft are suppressed by top officials.

One such case related to theft was suppressed, information about which has been sought by the Ministry recently.

Equipment worth Rs 22 lakh had gone missing from HEC’s store in Bokaro Steel Plant.

The management had got the audit team to estimate the value of the missing equipment.

According to the audit team, equipment worth Rs 22 lakh was found missing from the store.

In this regard, HEC management had also lodged an FIR in Marafari police station.

An HEC employee was found involved in the theft, but a top officer of the HEC Personnel Department saved that employee.

Keeping the ministry in the dark, top officials had put the theft case on hold.

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