Coal businessman shot 11 times in Ranchi, dies

Ranchi: Criminals opened fire on coal businessman Abhishek Srivastava in Ranchi on Thursday. He was immediately brought to Medica Hospital, where the doctor declared him dead. The businessman was hit by 11 bullets. Abhishek was a native of Chapra, Bihar.

The businessman was attacked at around 10 am on Thursday. He was in his black Fortuner car. Meanwhile, the criminals who came in Scorpio opened fire. Abhishek’s apartment was in Asthapuram of Ratu police station area. 

He was going somewhere from home at the time of the incident. As soon as Abhishek’s car turned into the apartment street, the criminals who were already waiting started firing rapidly. Abhishek’s house was nearby, so the family members quickly reached the spot.

Abhishek Srivastava had also received threats from the PLFI organization earlier also. It is feared that the PLFI organization may have carried out the incident. The criminals opened fire from the front of the vehicle. Due to which the front glass of the car got shattered. There are marks of four rounds of bullets on the glass of the car. 

According to the people present at the time of the incident, the criminals who shot were in a Scorpio. Their number is said to be five. It is reported that the criminals have shot Abhishek Srivastava 11 times. The family members hurriedly took Abhishek to the medica, where the doctors told that he had already died. 

Abhishek was a resident of Chhapra. Abhishek has a 5 year old daughter. His father’s name is Sachindra Srivastava. Younger brother is Vivek. Vivek was in Chapra at the time of the incident. He is coming to Ranchi after receiving the news of the murder.

In the case of firing on a coal businessman, BJP State President Babulal Marandi said that the poor law of the capital Ranchi has been exposed again. Coal trader Abhishek Srivastava has been shot by criminals in Ratu police station area. Abhishek had also received threats from the PLFI organization in the past. Despite this, the police did not take any concrete steps regarding their security.

Due to the continuous occurrence of such crimes, the state government as well as the police officers are coming under suspicion. Jharkhand Police should show promptness and arrest the criminals immediately. 

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