CM urges Centre not to cut number of para -military personnel for next 3 years

New Delhi/Ranchi: Jharkhand Chief Minister Raghubar Das said that between 2015-19 the Maoist incidents in the state have declined by 60 per cent while the number of the civilian casualties was 1/3rd during this period while at the same time ultras killed in an encounter with the police has more than doubled.

Participating in a meeting of the Home Ministry which was chaired by Union Home Minister Amit Shah at New Delhi that compared to the year 2015-19 the number of Maoists who have surrendered has doubled while recovery of regular arms and weapons has increased to 33 per cent.

Mr Das said that the Lok Sabha elections in the state turned out to be historic one as for the first time no Naxal incident was witnessed in the polls moreover the speed of the anti Naxal operations which had reduced as the security personnel were involved in the election-related work has once again gathered speed in the last couple of months.

The Chief Minister expressed his gratitude towards the Home Ministry for providing the central paramilitary forces which are taking on the Maoists along with the Jharkhand Police. He said that Maoists were counting their last breath in the state and for the pressure which is being currently built on the Maoists by the security personnel it is important that for the next 2-3 years their numbers should not be decreased.

Mr Das said that at the present some forces have been sent to other states on a temporary basis while there is also a proposal to send some on a permanent basis.

He said that Jharkhand produces 30-40 per cent mineral wealth of the country due to which there is also a probability of the Maoists to restrengthen their organisation and in wake of the clear, hold, develop policy adopted by the state government there is a paramount need of paramilitary forces in the state.

Moreover, since the Assembly elections are also slated in the near future, therefore, there would be a need for 275 companies of the paramilitary forces to ensure fair and peaceful elections in the state which he requested the centre to provide. Mr Das assured that with the efforts of the state police, para-military forces the government was committed to completely weed out the maoists from the state.

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