CM Champai Soren said in the House, there is delay in God’s house, not darkness, BJP people should wait

Ranchi: CM Champai Soren said in the House that in 2019, the government was formed under the leadership of Hemant Soren. But after the formation of the government, BJP started trying to topple and destabilize the government. He said that the Corona epidemic arrived as soon as the government was formed. But Hemant Soren did not let anyone die of hunger. Laborers migrating outside the state were brought to Jharkhand by plane.

After this, when the Corona epidemic ended, the government started work on a large scale. But again these people started trying to topple and destabilize the government. Ultimately, these people sent Hemant Babu to jail through their agency and brought down the government. Champai Soren said that he will take forward all the work and plans of Hemant Soren. \

Champai Soren asked whether a poor child does not have the right to go abroad and study. Hemant Babu sent poor children abroad. After the formation of the state, the opposition government was formed here. Minerals and mines of Jharkhand were looted. What did the tribal people get?? Whenever a government of tribal people is formed here, they start feeling pain.

Hemant Babu was sent to jail in a case of which there is neither account nor ledger. Hemant Babu has come to light a lamp in the hearts of the people, how will the people of BJP be able to extinguish it? He said that yes we say that we are Hemant Part 2. Will not let the names of Shibu Soren and Hemant Soren be erased. 

Bandhu Tirkey got the MLA for just Rs 5 lakh. These people have created a strange situation in the country. There is delay in the upper house, not darkness. BJP people should wait. Said that these people used ED wrongly and sent Hemant Babu to jail. Champai Soren urged that he will not abolish the Constitution of Bhim Rao Ambedkar.

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