CLAT 2024 Entrance Examination for Law University exam held in Ranchi

Ranchi: CLAT 2024 entrance examination for Law University held in Ranchi on Tuesday. Students said, questions were asked on sectional analysis, and the English section was easy. The questions were literature-based and issues related to case study.

The General Knowledge section was easy and most of the questions were passage based. Some questions were on world affairs and political events like G 20, Gaza Strip, ISRO, and Jallianwala Bagh. The Quantitative Aptitude section was easy to moderate and contained basic matters. The questions based on the population survey were relatively long. There were questions about ratio and proportion.

Coming to the legal reasoning section, the section was easy with short paragraphs on Juvenile Justice Act, Marriages, Personal Data Protection Bill. One question was case-based and the section mostly contained questions on current legal knowledge. The section was easy to moderate with a slightly confusing passage on production efficiency in the logical reasoning section.

The length of the paragraphs in this section was surprisingly short with a few questions on assumptions, strengths and weaknesses. Despite its revised pattern 120 questions included literature-based English, passage-focused GK and manageable Legal Reasoning along with easy to moderate sections like Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning provided higher chances for students.

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