Chief Secretary does away with protocol of giving vote of thanks and flowers in government function

Ranchi: in a major decisions chief secretary DK Tiwari today decided to do away with the protocol of vote of thanks and giving away flowers during the programmes of the State government or other state-level functions.

The chief secretary has directed that in the state-level programs instead of felicitating the guest with flowers and women toes they should be rather welcomed with the welcome speech and said that if any program it is very important to give flowers then instead of a bouquet only one flower should be given but that too in special circumstances.

He said that in the case in any program if it becomes very important to welcome the dignitary with flowers or gifts then in such situation the approval of the state government prior to the program is a must.

Mr Tiwari said that such functions which is attended by President Vice-President Prime Minister of the country or in which the governor of the state is participating as the chief guest for is being attended by other important dignitaries then such programs should be conducted as per the minute to minute program received from the office of the concerned dignitary.

The chief secretary said that normally in the welcome speech announcer should be introducing the dignitaries who are present on the dais or have been invited for the event.

He said that against the tradition of giving a vote of thanks the announcer as for the need would declare the end of the program and henceforth vote of thanks would not be a part of any government function.

Clearly said that in the programs which are organised by State Government or is related to the Foundation looking for distribution of deeds and assets it is often found that the program is not concluded within the specified time limit and to ensure that it in future the programs are conducted in a more effective manner these decisions have been taken.

The chief secretary has directed the additional chief secretaries principal secretaries and secretaries of all the department including Divisional Commissioner and all the DCs

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