Cheating poor is in DNA of Congress: Deepak Prakash

Ranchi: State BJP president Deepak Prakash said that cheating the farmers and the poor is in the DNA of the Congress party.

He said that what was disappointing to note is that even during the crisis of Coronavirus the party has made a mockery of the poor. The comments of the state unit chief followed after the Rajasthan government handed over a bill of Rs 36 lakh for buses which had brought people from Rajasthan to Uttar Pradesh.

He said that in the entire country the Congress party made tall claims of paying for the bus fare and the train fare and Sonia Gandhi and her brigade also indulged in making statements and even went on the extent of distributing pamphlets in the Shramil Special trains. He said that people are aware of the talks and deeds of the Congress party.

Mr Prakash said that on one hand the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has two days ago transferred the compensation for the kin of the victims of Jharkhand who were killed in an accident in Uttar Pradesh whereas the state government was still thinking over it.

He said that even the Congress party had promised to pay the money for the return of the workers and now the time has come when the party should tell how much money it had paid to bring back the workers.

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