‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ singer’s daughter Kenisha trolled by Raftaar fans

Mumbai (IANS)¬†Actress Kenisha Awasthi, who is also the daughter of ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’ singer Swapna Awasthi, is currently being subjected to cybersexual harassment by the fans of Indian rapper and music producer Raftaar.

The whole thing started after she answered a question asking, “Who does she like more? Emiway Bantai or Raftaar.” She chose Emiway’s name giving a context categorically explaining how she shares a long standing friendship with him and how grateful she is for him to always be a supporter of hers.

This resulted in Raftaar’s self-proclaimed fans getting agitated. Soon after, the actress started receiving death and rape threats on her DM and comment sections.

Talking about the ordeal that she’s going through courtesy the toxic environment on her social media, Kenisha said, “I’m appalled, disheartened, and somewhat scared right now seeing how vicious this toxic fandom phenomenon can be. It was a simple question I was asked, and I selected one.

“I never said the other person is bad or worse. All I said was I don’t gravitate to his music. I don’t see anything wrong in it.”

She mentioned that she wouldn’t have mind harmless trolling but things are really getting out of hand at this point “I’ve been constantly receiving death and rape threats. Expressing displeasure is fine and harmless trolling is okay too but threatening on sexual and physical grounds there is simply not done.”

Hence, the actress is planning to seek help from the cybercrime department of Mumbai and plans to lodge an FIR with regards to the case after due consultation with her legal team, “It’s why I’m moving to cyber police for help because this is a concern of safety. It makes me sad to think what women would be going through when they are bullied online.”

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