Budget Session: Question hour washed out, amid uproar by BJP MLAs second supplementary budget tabled

Ranchi:  The second day of the budget session of Jharkhand assembly on Monday witnessed uproar by the MLAs of the main opposition party, the BJP as a result of which the question hour was washed out.

However before the house was adjourned till lunch break (1400hrs) Finance Minister Rameshwar Oraon tabled in the assembly the second supplementary budget worth Rs 7323.24 crore for the fiscal ending March 2021.

Earlier as soon as the house assembled for the day MLAs of the BJP asked the Speaker to read out the various work adjournment motions which have been moved by them. Speaker Ravindranath Mahto read out the work adjournment motions which were moved by Lambodar Mahto of the AJSU, Manish Jaiswal, Navin Jaiswal and Anant Ojha (all BJP MLAs) and said that during the ongoing session it is possible to hold discussions on all the issues therefore all the work adjournment  motions have been cancelled.

Immediately the MLAs of the BJP came into the well of the house carrying ply cards and indulge in slogans shouting in support of their various demands including cancellation of the recruitment policy which was passed by the previous government. Speaker Ravindranath Mahto requested the MLAs to allow the question hour to happen and said that they will get ample opportunity during the session to raise their issues as the government was also willing to reply on the matters.

Anant Ojha of the BJP raised the issue of doing away with the Chief Minister’s question hour. He said that for the last 20 years Chief Minister question session was taking place in the Assembly but it appears that the leader of the house was running away from answering questions due to which in the station the Chief Minister question answer has been done away with it.

Speaker Ravindranath Mahto said that the chair can not bow down further and once again asked the MLAs to return back to their seats and allow the house to function properly.

However his comments did not have any impact on the slogan shouting BJP MLAs, soon many Congress MLAs also came into the well of the house and indulged in slogan shouting and as the house failed to come back into order Speaker Ravindranath Mahto adjourned the house at 1128 hrs to 1230 hrs.

After the house reassembled at 1230 hrs once again the MLAs of the BJP came into the well of the house and indulged in slogan shouting. The MLAs also started moving in a circle formation inside the well of the house and continued with their slogan shouting.

Speaker Ravindranath Mahto said that the acts of the MLAs was against the parliamentary norms and went on to add that 3.25 crore people of Jharkhand were watching the actions of the legislators.

In between through a call attention motion Congress MLA from Mahgama Dipika Pandey Singh raised the issue of 27 percent reservation for OBCs in the state on which Parliamentary Affairs Minister Aalamgir Aalam said that a committee will be formed to look over the issue.

In the meantime some of the BJP MLAs sat inside the well of the house and other indulged in slogan shouting as a result of which the Speaker adjourned the house at 1248 hrs to 1400 hrs

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