BJP paid tribute on Hul Kranti Diwas

Ranchi: Jharkhand BJP State President and MP Deepak Prakash paid tribute to martyr Sido Kanho, Chand Bhairav on the occasion of Hul Diwas at the party office. He added, “The brave sons of Jharkhand had given their martyrdom against exploitation and tyranny to save their identity, cultural identity, to protect their land.”

He said, “Today land in Jharkhand has become a land of loot of mines and minerals.” Brokers and middlemen are looting the land of the poor under the protection of the government. 

He said, “The Bangladeshi infiltrators in the state are not only changing the demography of the land of Santhal Pargana, they are playing with the sentiments of the sisters and daughters of the tribal society by love jihad or by killing them.”

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