BJP leaders shying away from their responsibilities alleges Congress

Ranchi: The Congress Party has accused the leaders of the BJP off of shying away from their responsibilities by holding daily press conferences.

Party spokesperson Alok Kumar Dubey said that while on one hand the Centre has failed to provide GST compensation on time while in the name of dues of DVC a sum of Rs 2100 crore has been deducted from the account which has impacted the development of the state and even it has impacted creation of jobs in the rural areas.

He said that it was the previous BJP government which had damaged the functioning of the Labour department. He said that under the previous government recruitment scam and merit scam took place and the truth behind sending the children to work in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Hyderabad is open before everyone. He said that the present government was working to improve the functioning of the labour department and it was under this department that lakhs of migrant workers trapped in other states were brought to their homes.

Spokesperson Lal Kishore Nath Shahdeo said that the previous government gave land to the corporate houses at throw away prices and after taking the land the companies stopped their work. He said that the party demands that either the factories should be made operational or the land be taken back.

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