Bio Remodelling can turn the clock

New Delhi (IANSlife) Nature has its modus operandi; while most facets are beautiful, others may not be appealing. One such inevitable aspect is maturing of the skin. The late 20s or early 30s are usually marked with the first indications of ageing. Visible signs of ageing are a cause of concern among most people that oftentimes drive them to the reckless use of anti-ageing creams.

Have you been applying anti-ageing creams only to see no noticeable difference in your skin appearance? You are not the only one to face disappointment. These topical administrations work externally and therefore impart temporary results. Coming in all shapes and sizes, anti-ageing creams fail to work on the root cause of ageing. Rightly said, necessity is the mother of invention. One such new-age innovation to tackle skin ageing with proven long-lasting results is bio remodelling. Let us understand what it is and how it delivers the star ingredient – hyaluronic acid – deep into the skin in just the right way.

Too many cooks spoil the broth!

Going by the latest skincare trends, an ideal skincare regimen includes a plethora of products and it becomes confusing what, when, and how to take care of the skin. Turns out there are too many serums and creams. For instance, one to boost collagen synthesis, one to moisturise, and one to keep skin sagging at bay. The list is endless. To add to that are the restrictions to apply some in the daytime, others at night. Some leave the skin sensitive to sunlight. One can go on and on with the diverse needs and the products specific to each concern. The information may seem to be too much to process, let alone practicing it amidst hectic schedules. What if there is an all-in-one method to address every ageing issue? Bio remodelling is the name for it.

Hyaluronic acid: the holy grail in dermatology

More than a fad, hyaluronic acid is here to stay in the skincare ageing as long as there is a demand to cease the appearance of ageing signs. This acid is naturally present in our bodies connective tissue and is responsible for the plump and youthful look. However, as we age its synthesis begins to decrease and results in what we call ageing skin. Hyaluronic acid works like pixie dust to fix all ageing issues: it holds water to the skin’s surface, thereby keeping it moisturized. In addition, it improves skin elasticity. Therefore, the application of external hyaluronic acid is recommended for the upkeep of skin health.

Everything is science in bio remodelling

Profhilo bio remodeling is a breakthrough injectable skin treatment that is backed by science to deliver the purest stabilized concentration of hyaluronic acid straight to the target areas that prominently demonstrate signs of ageing such as crow’s feet and fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead. It works not only on the face but also on parts like the neck, decolletage, and hands. Profhilo is not just another dermal filler or skin revitaliser. It is much more than that as it walks the talk. It is nature’s goodness delivered most conveniently. A minimally invasive treatment, bio remodelling functions by working at the grassroots level i.e., it works at the source and not the symptoms. It has no chemical cross-linking agents. More stubborn areas such as the neck and upper hands can also be easily worked on. Bio remodelling stimulates the skin’s natural production of collagen and elastin and preserves the viability of adipocytes in minimal sessions. A bit too much jargon? While collagen maintains the structure of the skin, it is elastin that supports the elasticity of the skin. And adipocytes are the fat cells that control skin sagging. Bio remodelling catalyzes the skin’s natural healing process. Skin texture improvement and skin lifting are the immediate effects of this treatment.

Ageing brings with it some unsolicited visible signs that are usually looked after by anti-ageing creams. Such creams work externally and are only good as long as you use them. Hyaluronic acid is nothing less than a boon for ageing skin. The magical ingredient works wonders for the skin by boosting collagen synthesis and providing skin with the elasticity it needs to stay young. For the ones young at heart, it is possible to be young at the skin with the new-age injectable therapy: bio remodelling. It delivers the right concentration of hyaluronic acid directly to the target areas. It works on the root cause of ageing and stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis in addition to preserving the viability of the adipocytes. Together, these contribute to skin regeneration and remodelling over time.

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