Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik gets fighting chance to re-enter the house

Mumbai (IANS) Kavita Kaushik could re-enter the reality show Bigg Boss 14 following her shocking eviction, but there is a catch. The actress has to impress a special celebrity expert panel first.

Kavita was voted out of the show within a week of her entry as a wild card contestant. In the latest promo, it was revealed that she will be given an opportunity to qualify and enter the house yet again.

A new promo shows a special panel, comprising former contestants Vindu Dara Singh, Arti Singh and Kamya Panjabi along with actress Surbhi Chandana, set up to decide Kavita’s fate.

In the promo, superstar host Salman Khan tells Kavita: “You are getting a golden chance to re-enter the house — on the condition you impress our special celebrity panel that you deserve to be back.” Salman then goes on to say: “Abhi nahi to kabhi nahin (Now or never).”

The clip then shows Arti telling Kavita that, while she had been telling people not to create a ruckus, that is precisely what she did during her stay in the house when she was angry.

“Karni aur kathni me itna farak kyu hai (Why is there such a difference between your words and deeds)?” asked Arti. Kavita explained she was angry because rules were broken.

Surbhi asked Kavita why did the audience not vote for her. That was the point when Kavita brought up the subject of her fight with housemate Eijaz Khan.

“Toh dimag se khelo, apna dimag lagao aur emotions mein mat baho (So, use your brain and don’t be driven by emotions),” she said.

In the clip, Salman is seen correcting Kavita. “Dimag se khelo lekin emotions ke bina dimag lagta nahi hai (Use your brain, but you need emotions to do that),” said Salman.

Vindu warned that faking it would be of no help on the show. “This is not a show for acting and we need to see real personalities. I feel everyone is acting, and when we watched Eijaz yell with happiness at seeing you enter the house it was real!” he said.

Kamya asked Kavita who she would blame for the image the latter had developed.

Kavita replied: “When everyone put that rejected stamp on my face, I was hurt. So, I reacted emotionally. When you react emotionally, you cannot frame your words correctly. That is where my weakness was exposed.”

Salman quipped there was nothing new in Kavita’s observation.

The decision about Kavita’s entry will be revealed over the weekend.

In an interview to IANS shortly after her eviction, Kavita said that she is surprised how people misconstrued her statements from her fight with Eijaz, and picked up just one line and started trolling her.

The actress felt her fight with Eijaz had gone against her and led to her eviction just after a week of her entry.

“I just feel a little surprised to see how a very simple thing that I was trying to convey got so badly misinterpreted by everyone. All I was trying to convey was that this man (Eijaz Khan) — I don’t know, my intent was (to say) that this particular gentleman — does not need friendship or love,” Kavita had said.

“All he does is use people. My mistake was that I felt bad. I played with my heart. My outburst was because I was hurt, and that went against me. I’m just a little surprised at how people have not understood that he is just using people. That is all I was trying to say,” she had added.

During her stay in the house, Kavita had gotten into a tiff with Eijaz, and in anger shared that she is not her friend, contrary to what Eijaz claimed. She also shared how Eijaz contacted her during lockdown and asked her to cook for him. She further said Eijaz is not her friend and yet she agreed to cook for him because he has no one else.

Kavita’s remarks did not go well with a lot of people, and she was trolled massively for her comments.

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