Barnwal directs DCs to hold weekly review of complaints registered at Jansamwad Kendra

Ranchi, Jul 24: IPRD Principal secretary and secretary to Chief
Minister Sunil Kumar Barnwal has directed the DCs of the state to
conduct weekly review of the complaints registered at the Jansamwad
Chairing the weekly review programme at the Suchana Bhawan here he
asked to merge the public grievances cell and pubic felicitation
center at the district level so that at one platform itself all the
problems can be monitored while apart from that he asked to register
the complaints registered at Janta Darbur at the Jan Samwad Portal so
that proper monitoring of the complaints can be maintained at the
state level.
Apart from that he also directed to keep the public grievances cell at
the district level more active and said that in future facilities
would be provided so that the complaints can be registered at the
panchayat level itself. He asked the DCs to fix a day in the week
during which they will go through the complaints which are registered
at the Kendra from the district level.
During the weekly review programme in which a total of 18 complaints
were taken by him he directed the officials of Giridih, Dhanbad,
Palamu, Pakur and Dumka to speed up addressal of complaints. Over a
complaint from Kisko circle area where it was pointed that about 200
farmers had incurred losses to the tune of Rs 3 crore due to hailstorm
in 2016 and despite application they were yet to get their
compensation over which Mr Barnwal scolded the district disaster
management department officer and directed to make sure that the
compensation is paid within a week.

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