Baby on the horizon? You might need changes to your interior space

New Delhi (IANSlife) A new life brings much happiness, but it also comes with a lot of responsibilities. As soon as parents get in the know, the preparations begin, but soon after they realise that nothing is enough.

If you are expecting a baby soon and so not understand where to start, read the following tips to help you help yourself. Heena Jain, Design Consultant from WoodenStreets, shares some fantastic ideas to change up you interiors.

Create some comfortable resting spots

Rest is one thing that no mother can compromise with while being pregnant. But, lying on the bed all day, no matter how comfortable, is not possible. So, there should be multiple resting spots and the two best places for the same are, the living room and the balcony. Place a comfortable and easy to use sofa cum bed in the living room, and a comfortable balcony set with a comfortable ottoman or even a swing in the balcony. These two make for a perfect venue to chill, read, watch and rest during the day.

Start with completing storage needs

A baby enhances happiness in a home and storage needs. While no amount is storage is ever enough, extra storage is always welcome, no matter how many options you add. A better approach towards creating sufficient storage space is by adding the right furniture pieces which can blend with your interiors perfectly. There are several options that you can opt for, like a chest of drawers, wooden trunks, compact wardrobes, and many more. So, just be creative and think of the places where you can put these without creating a space crunch.

Make way for the lights and coloUrs

The surge of energy and the happiness that bright colours provide is just amazing. So, try to add some relaxing wall paintings/art, and to make the space more bright as well as illuminating, you can also add some amazing lamps to the existing decor. Small planters placed around different corners also works perfectly for making the place more relaxing and creating happy vibes. The most important of all, choosing the right colour palette. You choose from colours such as baby pink, light blue, light gray, or even yellow. These will help in boost your mood as well as the health of the baby.

Be furniture ready for the future

If you want to give your little one a perfect and friendly home setup, then the perfect time to start with the preparations is now. First of all, make a list of products you will be require after the delivery, the major pieces you need are a crib, changing station, food station, and some others. So, initially make the space for the furniture and after measuring each and every corner precisely, start picking furniture pieces that perfectly fit. Placement is extremely important, so ensure that the furniture is placed adjacent to the walls. As for the baby’s furniture, the center of the living room or the dining area can be the best spots.

Baby proofing is extremely important

Making the home as safe as possible is important for both, the pregnant mother as well as the little one who is all set to become a part of your family. Start with the furniture and try to cover all the sharp ends which you think can cause harm in the future. Get rid of all the loose and exposed wiring as well as switchboards. Avoid placing decor accessories such as small stones, or harmful plastic/rubber figurines, as if misplaced, they can create some serious issues.

A plan for the floors

Floors, if set rightly, can be a comfortable abode for both, baby as well as the mother. You can start by placing some comfortable rugs at different places along with some fluffy pillow sets. To make it even better, you can create a beautiful floor bed as well, which can work as a perfect play area for your little one.

Making these changes can be a bit tedious, but the improvement you will observe afterward will be amazing. You can give it a little time and come up with ideas to further make the space beautiful and customized for your comfort level. Just remember to be creative and enjoy every change you make to the fullest.

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