Babulal Marandi asks workers should take achievements of Modi Government among people

Ranchi: A booklet based on achievements in relation to the eight years of the Modi government released by the Jharkhand State BJP was completed in the BJP state office on Wednesday. Leader Legislature Party and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi, Organization General Secretary Dharampal Singh, State General Secretary Aditya Sahu, Dr Pradeep Verma, MLAs Naveen Jaiswal, Raj Sinha, Samri Lal, etc were present in the programme.

While releasing the booklet leader of the Legislature Party and former Chief Minister Babulal Marandi said that this booklet is not a sheet of paper but a document of the achievements of the Modi government. Marandi said that these eight years are dedicated to service, good governance, and poor welfare, which has brought a meaningful change in the lives of common citizens of the country.

The people of the country are feeling the change he said adding that the workers should go to the people with this document and tell how Modi government is working for village, poor, farmer, Dalit deprived society.

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