Armaan’s advice to younger musicians: Please don’t run after numbers

Mumbai (IANS) Singer Armaan Malik took to social media on Sunday to share a piece of advice for younger musicians.

In a tweet posted on Sunday afternoon, Armaan highlighted on the importance of creating good music and having one’s unique style instead of running after numbers.

“I know we’re all in this world where numbers determine your success, but I just want to tell younger musicians – please don’t run after that! Please focus on making good music and developing your own unique style. That’s what will help you create a dedicated fan base,” Armaan tweeted.

“Your fans don’t need to be in the millions, even if you have 1000 fans who are your tribe, your people, that’s genuinely all that matters,” he added.

Armaan, who is a football fan, took to Twitter earlier in the day to celebrate Lionel Messi’s Argentina defeating Brazil at the Maracana Stadium to become the Copa America champions.

Sharing a photograph of Messi’s winning moment on Twitter, the singer wrote: “Watching #Messi lift a trophy for #Argentina is an emotional moment for all football fans, no matter where you’re from or which player you are a fan of! #CopaAmericaFINAL #CopaAmerica.”

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