Ankita Murder Case: JMM and BJP indulge in war of words

Ranchi: The ruling Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and opposition BJP on Wednesday indulged in a war of words over the heated atmosphere in the state in wake of the Ankita murder case.

JMM’s Central General Secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya in a press conference slammed three prominent BJP leaders Raghubar Das, Babu Lal Marandi and Deepak Prakash and said that former Chief Minister of the state Raghubar Das should be told that during his reign Jaya Bharti a student was subjected to inhuman treatment which was also investigated by the CBI, what happened to the miscreants after that investigation. 

Supriyo Bhattacharya said that due to the amount of filth in the BJP, they have started stinking. Supriyo taunted the BJP and said that first BJP should pay attention to what is happening in UP, what happened in UP cities like Unnao, Hathras, Banaskantha, Kathua in Jammu, first of all in Ranchi itself where a working committee member Seema Patra should was involved in inhuman treatment of a tribal woman Sunita Khakha.

He said that whatever the administration and government could have done in Ankita’s case, it has done, and will continue to do so, but the way the BJP has tried to capitalize on this issue, the amount of condemnation is less. BJP state vice-president and Mandu MLA JP Patel hit back saying that whether it was a dream in the slogans of Abu Raj that the honor of the sister and daughters of the state would continue to be looted and the Chief Minister would encourage the crime by calling it a simple incident.

Patel asked whether the JMM had the same dream of a separate state that the head of the state kept plundering the mineral resources of the state in his name. He said that the BJP does not even talk about discrimination in the community but do not do politics of appeasement. 

He said that a minor has been burnt while sleeping in her house and the world is considering it as the rarest case but JMM leaders are brushing it off as a normal incident.

For two years, the girl’s father had given a written complaint to the Dumka police about the threats being received by the daughter but the administration remained silent as the matter was related to the vote bank. was associated with the interests of the government he alleged.

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