An exhibition themed on artists’ Covid-19 transformation

New Delhi (IANSlife) An art exhibition titled ‘Transformation: Change is Constant’, featuring the works of eleven Indian contemporary artists, is all set to go on view from March 6 at Delhi-based Triveni Kala Sangam.

As per the organisers, the artists and other members of art community in India and the world have faced the pandemic challenges, and are now transforming from Covid-19 to a new normal in enthusiastic, creative and more technical ways. This transformation is shown in the artworks of the participating artists in this exhibition.

“Transformation is a process of in depth and fundamental change that gives an orientation of a human being or an organization to a completely different level of effectiveness. Transformation is all about creating values and ensuring the improvement in the results. It is not only the reactive process but also the strategic movement for betterment of the individual or the society.”

“The change is constant and hence transforming the function or a process towards the demand based, business centric and more creative to get better results is mandatory. Artists were being challenged during the Covid-19 pandemic to learn new tools, new approaches and new expectations and all these fundamental changes required to manage the transformation to strategize the long term vision of an artist,” says a note on the exhibition organized by Arth Art International and supported by Brajesh Verman.

In this exhibition, the artists have manifested the nostalgia, history, sense of responsibilities, fear and hope in an ingenious way and conveyed the message very purposefully to the viewers.

This exhibition will be displayed in both the physical and virtual galleries; and ArtisteSpace, Inc. (Philippines) is the virtual gallery partner for this exhibition. This exhibition is curated by Sushil Shriwastwa.

The participating artists are Brajesh Verman, Dharmendra Rathore, Harmeet Rattan, Hemraj, Jagadish Dey, Kalicharan Gupta, Krishan Ahuja, Niren Sen Gupta, Manomoy Das, Satosh Verma and Tapan Dash.

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