Akangsha Rawat calls playing Diti in ‘Shiv Shakti’ a challenging experience

Mumbai (IANS) Actress Akangsha Rawat best known for her roles in TV serials such as “Solhah Singaarr” and “RadhaKrishn” is playing a negative role of Diti, the mother of Asuras, in the new drama series “Shiv Shakti”.

Speaking on her role, the actress said it was a challenging experience.

“I wanted to challenge myself this time. I took a huge risk and I knew if I fail I will be written off! I was already struggling with self-doubt and confidence in my personal life owing to many challenges, because this was the first time I would play a villain and so far everyone has loved my portrayal of Diti, so I guess it was worth it!”

Elaborating more about the character, Akangsha said, “I play the negative lead Diti, Asur Mata, from whom the lineage of Asuras starts on Earth, she is the daughter of the first king of Earth, wife of Sage Kashyap. She feels injustice was done towards her since childhood and now is done with her children too and so she keeps fighting with Devtas for her rights, the respect and acceptance she never got. It is so far the most difficult character I have ever played.”

“Not just because she is a negative character but because she has multiple shades, you will hate Diti but you will still love her! Her pain is real but her way and actions to get justice is wrong.”

Based on the “Shiva Purana”, “Shiv Shakti” is a mythological love story, which follows king of the Earth Daksh, and his daughters, Aditi, who is the mother of Devtas, and Diti, who is the mother of Asuras.

The show premiered on JioCinemas on June 19 and is produced by Swastik Productions.

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