Add names of those who have completed 18 years to the voter list by January 01, 2024 – DC Rahul Sinha

Ranchi: Ranchi District Election Officer cum DC Rahul Kumar Sinha held a meeting with the Principal of the College and the Registrar of the University in the Collectorate Auditorium on Wednesday.

DC said that such students studying in colleges will be 18 years of age by January 1, 2024.

Make them aware to get their names added in the voter list.

While giving instructions to the Principal and Registrar, Rahul Kumar Sinha said that through campus ambassadors in their respective colleges, students should be made aware about becoming voters.

So that eligible students can register their names in the voter list and exercise their franchise in the upcoming elections.

DC directed the officials associated with the voter list to add the missing and eligible voters to the name list on priority basis and issue identity cards.

He also said that it should be ensured that the voters who fall in the disabled category get special facilities in the polling stations so that they do not face any problem later during voting.

Form-6 and posters related to voter awareness were given to all the college principals and university registrars who attended the meeting.

The work of Special Brief Revision Program-2024 is going on. In which the objection work is to be done till 09 December 2023.

Those whose name is not added in the voter list, can get their name added in the voter list by filling Form-6 or through the BLO app.

Apart from this, instructions were also given to remove the names of dead and permanently transferred voters from the voter list.

In the meeting, Deputy Election Officer Ranchi Vivek Suman and Election Registration Officer-Kanke 65 Rajiv Kumar Singh, District Education Superintendent Ranchi Mithlesh Kerketa, A.

DPO Jharkhand Education Project Kaushal Kishore, Registrar Amity University Ranchi Prabhakar Tripathi, Principals and representatives of St. Xavier’s College, Doranda College, Nirmala College, St. Paul’s and other colleges participated.

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