Accessorise with graffiti art and neo-expressionism

New Delhi (IANSlife) With the pandemic bringing an air of gloom and doom across the world, anything to cheer us up is more welcome. Which is why, we can’t help drool over Louis Vuittons’s latest accessories with its pop of colourful and graffiti style.

The newest launch – LV Crafty, features vivid hues and magnified ultra-graphic prints which play with the LV Monogram Giant motif. Expertly blending fine craftsmanship and pop style, the creations draw inspiration from two artistic movements from the second half of the 20th century: graffiti art and neo-expressionism.

During the 1980s these urban, underground trends ventured into new and established creative territories, including New York museums and galleries. Today, the Crafty collection is replete with graphic boldness which first adorned the Monogram canvas. It revisits a print chosen from the House’s archives and paired with the Monogram Giant motif in black. Available in two colour schemes, cream and red or the more autumnal cream and caramel, it appears on the House’s most iconic pieces – Onthego, NeoNoe and Boite Chapeau Souple.

The Monogram Empreinte leather has also features the Crafty print, adding subtle and elegant touches around the chapes, on the handles and to the accessories, which brighten up and energise the sleek black or white leather.

The collection is available across all Louis Vuitton stores from the end of July, highlighting the brands wide range of trainers, accessories, ready-to-wear, travel and more to kick off the fall season.

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