A rainy day essential

New Delhi (IANSlife) The monsoon season has returned. Its ceaseless pitter-patter and gloomy skies do not indicate that one should not stride out in style. The season is the greatest time to experiment with bright, vibrant, and daring items in your wardrobe if you want to keep your chic-quotient high all year long. Being lightweight, waterproof, and offering sturdy bottoms with exceptional traction, Crocs Classic Clogs and the Height Collection make for the ideal rainy day necessity. 

Exemplifying functional fashion at its best, the brand’s iconic footwear pieces not only offer incredible comfort but also evoke a delightful sense of nostalgia, transporting us back to cherished moments of our past. In addition, the wide range of Jibbitz charms available allows one to continue to express their personality and personal style, while adding a pop of color to their overall ensemble.

Here’s a look at how to incorporate Crocs’ Classic Clogs and Sandals to your monsoon ensemble this season.

Complement your baggy bottomwear

Owing to their chunky nature, the Classic Clogs make for a perfect fit for baggy and wide-legged bottoms. Available in a range of funky colours, they can add the quintessential pop of colour to an outfit to beat the blues of the monsoons.

Add height to your look

Heels during monsoon are the epitome of fashion impracticality, but that should not refrain you from adding a few inches. Crocs’ fresh new take on the iconic clog, the Classic Crush Clog, features added height and a bold design. Marking you safe from puddles and boring fashion, they offer comfort, plus an extra dose of height, attitude, and style.

Revamp your flip flop style

Monsoons call for unending flip flop fashion as they help you experience the rain without restraints. With the Classic Crocs Flip, you get to take your flip flop quotient to the next level with the brand’s iconic Jibbitz charms. Pair them with skirts or shorts, and you will be making a statement with each step.

Crush the comfort game

Be it your active wear or casual wear, sandals are the new fashion bestie we can’t get enough of. Their unending comfort and style naturally select them for the monsoons. The Crush Sandalfeatures a bold design, complete with a dose of height, attitude and style. The versatile, two-strap design with holes on the straps allows for personalisaton with Jibbitz charms, helping make a splash while being chic.

Elevate simplicity

If you are someone who lives for the minimalist but elegant look, then Crocs has you covered with the Classic Platform Slide. Featuring a touch of height, straightforward form, and plenty of ways to personalise with Jibbitz charms, this Crocs offering adds effortless style to your monsoon wardrobe.

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