A pair of Zebras to arrive at Birsa Biological Park soon

Ranchi: After waiting for more than a year, Ranchiites will finally get to see a pair of adult zebras in the Birsa Biological Park in Ormanjhi as the Central Zoo Authority (CZA) has approved them to get the pair from Alipore Zoo in Kolkata. 

Dr OP Sahu, Veterinary at Ormanjhi Zoo, confirmed the news and said that the approval has been done and most probably the zebras will arrive in the zoo in the next two to three months. He added that the zoo authorities will also return a pair of Himalayan bears to the Kolkata zoo.

There are more than 1,400 animals of 83 species in the biological park. However, this will probably be the first time that there will be zebras accompanying the zoo inmates.

The zoo director Jabbar Singh in an earlier interview had mentioned to the media that the reason for the delay is due to the extremely cold climate in Ranchi which may affect the health of the zebras as they will be brought from Kolkata which has a relatively high temperature.

Moreover, Sahu added that special care of animals are been taken by the zoo authorities during the extremely cold conditions in Ranchi.

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