A new campaign focuses on self-reflection

New Delhi (IANSlife) A new campaign shot by ace photographer Bikramjit Bose features Sana Thampi, Sumaya Hazarika and Kripali Samdariya. in celebration of Her Story’s first anniversary has been released. Playing with the idea of a mirror to one’s soul, the shoot is set amid the sands of Goa, with golden sunlight reflecting off a shoreline that is as local as it is of the world.

The campaign is in celebration of Her Story’s first anniversary and captures the world of Her Story, offering an introspective take on self-reflection. Playing with reflective surfaces is to bring about the idea of who a person is beyond how they may be perceived by the world.

Says photographer, Bikramjit Bose, “The idea for this campaign stemmed from the brand’s own philosophy – that every woman has a unique narrative as she treads a path that is entirely her own. The mirror and its reflections served as a metaphor, to further explore this philosophy and visually showcase the different facets of a woman. We decided to shoot this on a beach in order to visually balance the hard-edged nature of a mirror by placing it in a softer, more organic setting. To o?set the weight of the idea with the lightness of the ocean, if you will.”

“The true essence of luxury lies in the pursuit of meaning even amid the world of preciousness. Can a brand be defined beyond materials and craftsmanship; can a product speak to the heart and journey with you to the depths of your soul, striking a chord true and real? Her Story attempts to make this stride into the unknown, into a world of luxury that is as attainable as it is meaningful. One that is beautiful and full of character – the character of craft and the substance of personality,” say the brand heads of Her Story, Sitanshi Talati-Parikh and Falguni Kapadia.

The brand’s previous and first lead campaign was a black-and-white series with actor Sobhita Dhulipala, unveiled in October 2019. In this instance, the ‘Reflections’ campaign (September 2020) can be seen in an exclusive format – as a piece of editorial communication, where the visuals are accompanied by poetry, and the communication or magazine, includes interviews with, and features on leading women.

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