A new beard styling range

New Delhi (IANSlife) While men’s fashion and grooming habits have evolved, the broody bearded style remains a timeless classic.

Man Arden, a premium men’s grooming brand with superior formulas and packaging looks to redefine the grooming game for men by creating special products using the finest ingredients and a quality regulated production procedure.

The brand has joined PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies Program and is certified as cruelty-free.

The beard styling range includes:

* Beard Wash — Developed exclusively for the unshaved face and infused with Aloe Vera as well as extra virgin oil. It effectively cleanses, moisturises and nourishes the skin and hair on the face while helping the skin restore its natural shine leaving their beard smooth and lustrous. Price — Rs 399 for 100 ml.

* Beard Oil — Nutrient-rich oils provide your hair shafts with excellent nourishment and hydration. It also helps in the reduction of flakiness and itching caused by dryness. The power of seven oils aids in the growth of a healthy beard. It is available in different variants — Irish Coffee, Royal Oudh, Hydra Sport, Spearmint, Love Spell, Musk, Lavender, Cedarwood and many more. Price–Rs 399 for 30 ml.

* Beard Styling Cream — Plant-based ingredients help keep your facial hair well-hydrated by supporting the moisture balance. It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and hence ensures a safe beard styling experience. Price: Rs 375 for 50 gm.

* Shaving Foam — Man Arden Shaving Foam has hydrating elements that can help prevent shaving cuts and soothe sensitive skin. It’s made up of a combination of substances that might help protect delicate skin from infections. As the foam envelops your beard region, you will notice a cooling feeling owing to the presence of menthol. Price–Rs 375 for 500 gm.

* After Shave Balm — It provides antioxidant support while also calming, moisturising, soothing, protecting, refreshing and brightening the skin. The Aftershave Balm’s smooth, lightweight and creamy consistency helps to rejuvenate the shaven region and soothe sensitive skin. The substances combine smoothly over the freshly shaven region and enter into the cells, giving you a more youthful appearance. The mixture of cold-pressed oils will assist to protect the skin and limit harm to the beard region. Price-Rs 375 for 100 ml.

* Beard Elixir Oil — The quick-absorbing beard oil produces a protective coating around each hair strand, smoothing down the frizzy, unruly beard and keeping them soft. It contains nutrient-rich oils that preserve your facial hair from breakage and damage. It maintains the health of your beard, moustache and goatee while providing SPF protection. Price–Rs 699 for 50 ml.

* Wooden Neem Beard comb–It’s the right pick-up for smoothening the rough beard hair without facing skin irritations. The wooden make-up of the comb and the leather pouch, being unbreakable and undamageable respectively, assure a longing companion with great durability. Its easy to carry while travelling since it comes in a compact D shape mini version. Price–Rs 325.

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