A hearty Pistachio Soup

New Delhi (IANSlife) Pistachios are a complete protein source with all 9 amino acids which aids in anti-aging, mental and physical health, promoting better skin and hair. This multifaceted plant- based superfood is a must have in ones fitness journey. Pistachios can be explored with both sweet and savory dishes.

American Pistachio’s legacy continues in the Indian and International market. These California grown pistachios are healthful and delicious with an intense green coluor, and are one of the most versatile nuts in the market today, popular among all age groups. Chef Tarun Dacha curates a recipes using American pistachios:


150 g California pistachios

5 g Cream

10 g Butter

1 Bay leaf

2 g Thyme

250 ml Veg stock

Salt to taste

For garlic crostini

5 g Garlic chop

1 Slice of French bread


First soak the pistachios for one hour then take out from the water and peel it.

In a pan put butter, add sliced onion and cook over slow heat with thyme and bay leaf.

Add pistachios and cream and cook for a few minutes.

Add some vegetable stock, salt and pepper then cook for 10 minutes.

Blend all the ingredients.

Pour the soup in a soup plate or bowl

For garlic crostini

Apply the garlic butter on slice bread, and then toast it under the salamander. Serve the soup with the garlic bread and drop of olive oil

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