8 cyber criminals arrested

Giridih: 8 cyber criminals were arrested in Giridih on Tuesday. 20 mobile phones, 25 SIM cards, 4 ATM cards, one passbook, one PAN card, one Aadhar card and one laptop have been recovered from the arrested criminals.

Giridih SP Deepak Kumar Sharma said that the police is working under zero tolerance and the team formed under the leadership of Cyber DSP Sandeep Suman Samdarshi is getting success in arresting cyber criminals from some area or the other every day.

Deepak Kumar, resident of Khedwara of Birni police station area, Dinesh Kumar Mandal, resident of Jodasimar of Ahilyapur police station area, Rahul Kumar Mandal, resident of Katvira of Tundi police station area, Pawan Mandal, Satish Kumar, resident of Nimatand of Tundi, Mantu Kumar, resident of Upraili Kahui of Gavan police station area, Birni. Prem Kumar Mandal, resident of Pandaramnia police station area and Rupesh Kumar Verma, resident of Budhwatand of Mufassil police station area.

He said that all the eight cyber criminals who have been arrested were calling the mobile phones of pregnant women through Poshan Tractor and cheating them with the promise of giving them the amount of maternity benefit and also posing as fake bank officers. They used to cheat people by luring them.

All the cybercriminals used to cheat people of money by sending obscene videos on their mobiles, recording them and also blackmailing them. During the interrogation of these cybercriminals, it was also revealed that these people also used to withdraw money from fake ATMs. Under no circumstances will cyber criminals be allowed to flourish in Giridih district.

He said that in the last four months, Giridih Police has so far been successful in arresting 128 cyber criminals. 316 mobile phones, 335 SIM cards, 117 ATM-passbooks, 7 checkbooks, 9 PAN cards, 8 Aadhar cards, 17 vehicles, 3 iPads, 2 laptops and Rs 12,99, 210 in cash have been recovered from these people.

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