6 patients got 15 lakhs from PM Disaster Relief Fund – Sanjay Seth

Ranchi: On the recommendation of Ranchi MP Sanjay Seth, an amount of Rs 15 lakh has been given to 6 people for the treatment of incurable diseases in the last 3 months from the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Relief Fund. This amount has been sent to the hospitals treating the patients for better treatment.

The MP has thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this. All the people who have received funds from the relief fund are residents of the Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency. Hatia resident Riddhika Tiwari, Kokar resident Saanvi Rai, Ratu Road resident Ashish Tigga and Harmu resident Abhijeet Kumar Chandravanshi have been given Rs 3 lakh each for their treatment.

While 2.5 lakh has been approved for Pandra resident Rajaram Singh and 50 thousand for Khalari resident Uma Devi. Among them, 2 are cancer patients, while others are also suffering from incurable diseases. All these are being treated in big hospitals in metro cities like Vellore, Mumbai, Pune and Kolkata.

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