5 trends for travel influencers this holiday season

New Delhi (IANSlife) Now that winter has arrived, travel influencers are getting ready to begin producing season-specific content and implementing brand collaborations in order to inform their audience about all the wonderful things they can plan for.

“December and January are peak travel months. The Christmas and New Year celebrations just change the whole vibe altogether. It’s a beautiful time to travel and we believe every travel influencer must capitalise on essential travel guides and create electrifying content that helps increase their audience and brand deals,” shares Pushppal Singh Bhatia and Ravneet Kaur from the popular influencer duo – That Couple Though.

Sharing their top 5 trends for travel influencers this holiday season, the duo lists –

Travel Insights

People are planning their holidays and travel influencers can use this as a great opportunity to interact with their audience. Highlighting location recommendations, cultural guides, and stay options to followers will help create viral content that is shared widely. Moreover, collaborations with hotels, airlines and events further helps increase reach.

Cover authentic food cultures

One of the most exciting things is the curiosity over food diversity during the festive season. The climate calls for some delicious delicacies across cultures and travel influencers can promote these by encouraging the audience to try out specific must-visit places that introduce them to winter specials.

Workation HotSpots

There are many people who work in environments that require them to be active and they may not be able to completely log off during this season. For such people, recommending top workation places and staycations that are running special offers will help increase shareability and reach.

Snow destinations

North India along with many international destinations gleam with the freshest snowfall during this time and it is absolutely mesmerizing to experience this. Travel influencers can share the ultimate guide to visiting snowy places on a budget so that more people can use that while planning. Giving them a ready itinerary of undiscovered or locally rich places will enable the influencer to gain more followers.

Ultimate Party Places

“What’s your plan for New Year’s” is something that every single person will be saying from now onwards and when so many people are looking to amp up their energies why not give them that? Whether it is international music festivals or shopping destinations to places for the best decor and vibe, New Year Party places are a must to cover for all travel influencers.

Kaur further adds, “There are many segments that each influencer can cover based on their niche audience. Carefully curating them and ensuring the content delivery is on point will improve the viral marketing aspect that all travel influencers ultimately want to create.”

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